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Smiths Falls / Montague Airport
Flying Lessons and Flight Training - Ottawa Area and Eastern Ontario
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Welcome to the
Smiths Falls Flying Club

100LL (24/7) $1.702 per litre (incl. 13% HST)
Aircraft Parking Fees
Coming Events
  • 2015 Events Full Year Calendar

  • Sat, Jun 20 - Volunteer Dinner at the Welcome Center
    6:30 social / 7:00 dinner.

  • Sat, July 18 - Fly-in Fish Fry lunch at CYSH

  • Sat, Aug 15 - Race the Runway

Give the Gift of Flight!
An hour in a Cessna 172. Explore the magic! . . .

Smiths Falls Flying Club Fly-in Lunch - 18 July 11:00 to 2:00
This will hopefully be the first of many successful week-end lunches at the flying club. Please make a big effort to support the event.

Flying club board member Matt Philp has linked up with one of Ottawa's food trucks to provide a different type of experience. In the longer term, we would like to have several such events, using different vendors and food styles.

Saturday July 18th, 2015 the Ad Mare Seafood Truck will be at the Smiths Falls Airport from 11 am to 2 pm for our first fly-in lunch.
$12.00/serving for 2 tacos
Pan-seared haddock in a honey chipotle sauce with truck-made tomato salsa and guacamole, shredded lettuce and a charred corn and jalapeño relish. Includes Ad mare chips and coleslaw.

$12.00 each, 2 Three ounce fillets of lightly breaded crispy haddock with lemon wedges and tangy truck-made tartar sauce. Includes Ad Mare chips and coleslaw.

(If it's still in season, a lobster roll meal may also be available)

Pop: $1.25
Water: $1.00
Harvey and Vern soda: $2.50

Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Seminar
Saturday, July 18th - 1:00 PM at the CYSH Welcome Center

Fred Grey has organized this useful seminar. There is no fee and participants will qualify for a 2 year recency requirement.

The seminar will provide a scenario-based safety presentation covering a variety of normal, abnormal and emergency decision-making scenarios geared towards reducing flight operations risk. This interactive presentation will sharpen your decision-making skills and increase your awareness of flight risks.

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ICOM Model lC-A20 Handheld VHF Air Band
Transceiver STSS.OO with accessories.
lrving Slone
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613-230-2100 Work.

Hangar Space now available for SFFC members for airplane rental in the Beach Hangar. Contact Peter Campbell.