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Smiths Falls / Montague Airport
Flying Lessons and Flight Training - Ottawa Area and Eastern Ontario
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Smiths Falls Flying Club

100LL (24/7) $1.799 per litre (incl. 13% HST)
Aircraft Parking Fees
Coming Events
  • 2015 Events Calendar

  • Sun, Mar 29 - Pot Luck at the Welcome Center 11:30 AM

  • Wed, May 13 - General Meeting and Board Elections

  • Sun, May 17 - Clean-up the Airport Day

  • Sun, Jun 7 - CYSH Fly-in Breakfast

  • Sat, Jun 20 - Volunteer Dinner at the Welcome Center
    6:30 social / 7:00 dinner.

  • Sat, July 18 - Fly-in Fish Fry lunch at CYSH

Give the Gift of Flight!
An hour in a Cessna 172. Explore the magic! . . .
Sun, Mar 29 - Pot Luck at the Welcome Center 11:30 AM . . .

Mooney with latest avionics for sale for sale by SFFC Club member.

New membership website for the Smiths Falls Flying Club

Membership Secretary Griff Jones has set up a new interactive website for managing the Smiths Falls Flying Club membership database.

Below is a link to an information page compiled by Griff.

Please read the entire information page before clicking on the actual membership website link in the info page.

In particular do not use one of the "Renew" or "Pay" buttons on the website, as we are not yet set-up for on-line payments yet. So, read the entire info page and then follow the procedures outlined to login, review and update your membership information on the database.

SFFC Membership Data Base Info Page