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  • Sat, Sep 13 - Pig Roast for members and guests.
Give the Gift of Flight!
An hour in a Cessna 172. Explore the magic! . . .
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Wow !

Race the Runway 2014 set new records for the Russ Beach Smiths Falls Montague Airport, and the Smiths Falls flying Club !

Spectator attendance, Car Clubs and show car participation nearly doubled over last years record.

Service Clubs and Hospital Foundation food and beverage revenues also were up about 100% over last year. All of the funds that they raised will return to the local community through their charity support.

In fact all of the funds raised yesterday through RtR 2014 sponsorships, race car registrations, show car registrations, VIP ticket sales, Fun Ride sales and gate receipts supports local charities airport operations.

At mid day yesterday there were over 3000 people at our airport: 1000 more that the record set last year.

All of this was made possible by the more than 160 volunteers headed by Smiths Falls Flying Club RtR 2014 Event Activity Leaders, under the leadership of Tim Lee and Peter O'Blenis. This event success was enabled by you, our magnificent volunteer Team.

Great Undertaking; well done.

Thank You !

Dave O'Blenis

All photos by Bill Flint
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Recurrent Training - How Often?

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    Recurrent Training - How Often?

The Air Cadets are back - one Cessna L19 tow plane and two 232 gliders.
  • Gliders and the L19 use right hand circuits.
  • Avoid crossing over mid-field when gliders are in the circuit.
  • Give way to gliders and tow plane with glider in tow.

Hi Dave

Words would hardly do justice to how impressed I am with this event. I think this is a world class event with the phenominal immeasurable effort of the Flying Club, volunteers etc. There can be little doubt that this event has a significant impact for the local economy. As Chair of the commission I am once again immensely proud of what the SFFC has accomplished. WOW!!!

Ken Graham
Chairman, Smiths Falls/Montague Airport Commission

Thanks Dave.

You and your team deserve much credit. In a huge way this team makes everyone proud of this airport. Success is breeding success and it is so amazing to think of the incredible number of people who will benefit from your hard work .

As was quoted a few years ago we have a hidden jewel with this airport, but you and all the volunteers at the Flying Club make it shine a little brighter.

Bill Dobson
Reeve, Montague Township

L-R: Airport Commission Chairman, Ken Graham and Smiths Falls Mayor, Denis Staples selling hot dogs.

Driver's briefing

Jeez, Dad! I don't think I agree!

Race group line-up.

Montague Township Reeve, Bill Dobson.