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Smiths Falls / Montague Airport
Flying Lessons and Flight Training - Ottawa Area and Eastern Ontario
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Smiths Falls Flying Club

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Coming Events
  • Monthly fly-in breakfast
    May 27/2018
  • Annual SFFC Fly-In Breakfast
    June 3/2018
  • COPA for Kids Flight 100
    June 16/2018
  • Race the Runway
    August 11/2018
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Glider Operations at SFFC During April and May - Sharing the Skies Safely

On weekends at CYSH in April and May there will be Air Cadet glider operations conducting right hand circuits, making circuit traffic challenging.

When Air Cadet glider operations are in progress there is no “dead side” of the circuit. (Gliders and tow plane do right circuits). In this instance joining from the dead side of the circuit is potentially dangerous and should be avoided. On these days pilots should join straight into downwind, sufficiently upwind so as not to conflict with traffic in the circuit on upwind and crosswind legs. Of course gliders have traffic priority over powered aircraft.

Read more about safety in the circuit at CYSH.

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Announcing Monthly Fly-in Breakfast at SFFC!
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Available the last Sunday of each month (except June, see below), 0730 - 1130 hrs:
  • May 27th, 2018
  • June 17th, 2018
  • July 29th, 2018
  • August 26th, 2018
  • September 30th, 2018
  • October 28th, 2018
There may be a few pop up dates depending on the flying weather, so keep watching!

COPA for Kids at the Smiths Falls Flying Club (Flight#100) on June 16th, 2018

On the morning of June 16th, COPA Flight #100 will again provide an introduction for Canadian youth into the world of general aviation. Introducing a young person to their first flight is one of the most rewarding missions our pilots and Club volunteers can do at the Smiths Falls aerodrome. Please do what you can on the 16th to help out.

Earlier this month Brian Douglas, one of our flight instructors, offered to take a reporter from Metroland Media on an introductory flight to experience the flight route for the event. Within 24 hours of the story going live online, the full complement of 100 children was reached.

This is goint to be a great event! Please plan to volunteer in any capacity to make this a rounding success.

Classified Ads
See our classified ads page for the latest:
  • Heated hangar space available at Brockville
  • Full or Half Share in 1974 Mooney M20F
  • Hangar space wanted for C-150.
  • Life raft and two immersion suits for sale.

An updated version of the SFFC Operational Procedures Guidance Manual is now available.

First Solos!
Bob Lawrence

Getting the “first solo” feeling again on 7 May 2018! Bob Lawrence, after a considerable absence from flying, again got the flying bug and the Smiths Falls Flying Club was pleased to help Bob get back in the air. Bob wrote:
“Last summer I was inspired to recertify my Private Pilots license. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had let my license lapse which was a big mistake. Brian has been very patient and supportive in his training efforts to remove the cobwebs from my rusty skills. After my last pilot-in-command flight in August 2011, I am happy to say it is nice to be soloing again. My advice to any pilot is, as long as you have the passion to fly, never let your license you have spent so much time and money acquiring lapse. It is much too valuable.
Brian your instruction skills are beyond excellent. It has been a pleasure taking flying lessons with you."
The Smiths Falls Flying Club congratulates Bob on his accomplishment and welcomes him as a member of the Club.

Maurizio Penna

After several decades and thousands of hours of “flying”, Maurizio decided to crawl out of his man-cave and start flying a real airplane. Shortly after attending a Sunday Pot-luck at Smiths Falls Flying Club he was assigned passenger Peter Yunker who convinced him to stop looking at the instruments and enjoy the scenery - which turned out to be much more accurate than what could be portrayed by computer pixels. On May 2nd, 2018 the 30 Knot wind at CYSH was blowing straight down runway 24, and with his father holding up the score cards while taking pictures from the clubhouse deck, Maurizio completed his first real solo flight. A very memorable day! Special thanks to Peter Yunker, Brian Douglas and David O’Blenis as well as everyone else at Smiths Falls Flying Club who have been very welcoming and have made it well worth the commute from Ottawa.
(As an added postscript to this story, Peter did clarify that the winds were 30kts at circuit altitude, and a "healthy" 10 on the surface!)

John Constantinesco

There are only a handful of magical and impactful “firsts” in life that leave you blissfully sleepless after the event; my first solo is one of them. Thanks to Peter Yunker’s commendable instruction I was well prepared. I had the honour of doing my solo check ride with Dave O’Blenis, and was caught by surprise when he said “let me out so you can go flying!”, thinking the solo was to happen another day. GLIN roared to life and the window congratulated another solo by flinging open. I sang with excitement on the downwind (after my checks of course), and on final put in some extra flap to guide me to the numbers. Best landing all evening! I look forward to finishing my PPL in the near future and continuing with IFR. Great school, great place, great instructors, great experience!!

Bryce MacLean

As Brian gave me the thumbs up, and I began to taxi back to the hold short line, I was excited, and a bit nervous. Everything was going well as I backtracked 24, and lined up GLIN on the runway. Just before I lifted off, however, my passenger side window flew open! I took notice of it, but didn't panic, thinking back to the times my window has opened while I was flying with Brian. I had waited until I was level on the cross-wind before I finally reached over, and latched it closed. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. The flight was incredible! A big thanks to my instructor, Brian, for his excellent guidance and training. I look forward to finishing my PPL, and continuing on with my aviation adventure!

Gordon Lapierre

After an evening of flying circuits with Brian, when he told me to let him out after we landed, I must say I got a little worried. I asked Brian if we can do another circuit flying dual. We did. After dropping Brian off, it was solo time. We had practiced enough circuits that I knew all would go well, especially with the great weather that evening. All did go well (just like my instructor said!), and after landing PTW and going through the shutdown checklist, I had flown my first solo. I've been hooked on anything aviation ever since my father got me a flight from Cornwall Aviation as a birthday present when I was a kid. Flying my first solo is the first step in, what I hope to be, a very long journey and a lifetime of flying and I'm glad that I did it with the Smiths Falls Flying Club.”

The Smiths Falls Flying Club congratulates John, Bryce, and Gordon on this significant achievement and for all their dedication and hard work in their journey towards their Private Pilot License!
New Night Rating!
Another Night Aviator at Smiths Falls!
Scott Mellan

On April 23rd, on a wonderfully smooth evening, Scott Mellan earned his night rating. The rating began a long time back, but Scott was adamant that he was going to complete the requirements of dual and solo night hours, and instrument training. He is a model of perseverance, dedication and constant flight safety. The instructors and the entire Smiths Falls Flying Club congratulates Scott for a job very well done.