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Smiths Falls / Montague Airport
Flying Lessons and Flight Training - Ottawa Area and Eastern Ontario
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100LL (24/7) $1.633 per litre (incl. 13% HST)
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  • Potluck at the Welcome Centre - Sunday, February 26 - 11:30

  • Potluck at the Welcome Centre - Sunday, March 26 - 11:30

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Sunday, February 26 - 11:00 AM
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There has been evidence of Malware as a result of hacking of this SFFC website. Up unitl now I have not been able to deal with it. However, thanks to help from Douglas Terrien and James Kelly I have now been able to remove the appropriate files and hopefully we will not suffer a future occurance.
Gus Stringel - First Solo

Gus started flying at the Club in September 2016. After one flight with Dave he saw the light and switched to Brian. Things were going swimmingly until Brian abandoned him in February for the warmer climes of Vietnam. He then, on 19th of February, dazzled Dave with his circuits in challenging crosswind conditions. He even showed Dave how Brian had taught him to do a masterful overshoot!

Gus and his family reside in Merrickville, where he practices veterinary medicine.

Dave O'Blenis
I would like to thank SFFC member John Dickson and Mike Venables from Merrickville for getting me hooked, with a sightseeing tour that was donated to the Holy Trinity Anglican church annual beef dinner and auction in Merrickville. My wife, Andrea, says it's not really thanks but blame that they deserve.

That flight took place from CYSH last August with John, Mike, Andrea and myself on a tour over Ottawa, down to the St. Lawrence and back up from Brockville. I have been hooked since and have really enjoyed learning with Brian Douglas and Dave O'Blenis.

I am super impressed with SFFC and the airport and proud to be a member. If I had known how great it is to fly I would have started a long time ago. Thanks and let me know if there's anything else I can do.


HANGAR FOR RENT - E14 - $50 per month
Contact Shawn at 613-823-7340.

Long Eze -

Zenair CH-200, low wing, wingspan 23 ft, length 21 ft. Conscientious owner and former flight instructor requires space starting May, 2017. Fred Mohlmann 613-794-3103.

New heated hangar available for one plane in Brockville. Call Rani at 613-803-6885.

Life Raft and 2 Immersion Suits for sale
See Classifieds for details